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Graph showing the AUD/USD exchange rate over a 5 year period

6 factors that impact pricing of electronics worldwide

There are various factors that have a direct (and sometimes indirect) impact on the pricing of electronic products regardless of the country they are manufactured in. Prices can sometimes remain fairly stable for extended periods of time, however slight price increases occur regularly. Here are six factors that that have an impact on pricing: 1....
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Placing a component on a PCB using a tool

The impact of COVID-19 on manufacturing

Over January and February 2020, we experienced how the virus impacted China and its people. Many of our friends and colleagues were in lock down and manufacturing came to a halt over the two-month period. Unfortunately, it affected our supply of PCBs, which also impacted the delivery of our PCBA products. Supply was very slow...
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Close up image of PCB

Quality Issues with Customer supplied PCBs

Over the past year, we have encountered numerous quality issues with customer supplied PCBs, such as: Contaminated padsPoor packaging that can introduce moisture into the boardsDelamination due to poor manufacturing and storage conditionsSolder mask that comes off during production due to poor PCB manufacturing processesPoor soldering due to improper storage conditions and packagingProviding individually routed...
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Precision team standing in front of company banners displayed at their booth

2019 Electronex at MCEC

Earlier this month, we were at the MCEC for this year’s Electronex, Australia’s leading electronics event. Held for the first time in the new extension of MCEC, the expo showcased numerous PCB suppliers and contract electronic manufacturers from all over Australia and China. The event always provides an excellent opportunity to interact with customers (new...
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A 12 layer HDI board showing blind, buried and normal vias

3 factors to consider for your next HDI PCB

In an environment where time-to-market is everything, the manufacturing of bare PCBs, especially high-technology ones (eg. High-Density Interconnect PCBs), plays an important part in the overall time cycle. By the time engineers have a PCB design, their project is often running behind schedule. So, when they come to us with urgent requirements, the last thing...
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A completed box build turnkey assembly of hard drive enclosure

How we box build at Precision

What is Box building? Box building or Turnkey assembly, sometimes also called as ‘Systems Integration’ refers to the construction of a product that is ready for immediate use; i.e no further assembly is required. It involves the complete assembly of all the various components including the mechanical (Plastic/Metal enclosures), electrical (cable harnesses/ wiring looms) and...
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Top 6 issues that impact manufacturing and delivery

At Precision we catalogue every issue that occurs during the manufacturing process and review them on a weekly basis. After collating all the information together, we realised that most of the issues are caused because of missing or incorrect information in the files supplied by our customers (BOM, Altium files, Pick & Place files, etc)....
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Worker inspecting an electronic component

Preventing Quality Issues from Customer Supplied Parts

At Precision, one of our key strengths is to provide full turnkey PCB assembly solutions to our customers. We do this by managing all processes that are required in manufacturing a complete product, which includes procurement of all components and PCBs, paste stencil(s) and anything else. We take care of the entire procurement process, which...
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