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Quality Issues with Customer supplied PCBs

Over the past year, we have encountered numerous quality issues with customer supplied PCBs, such as:

  1. Contaminated pads
  2. Poor packaging that can introduce moisture into the boards
  3. Delamination due to poor manufacturing and storage conditions
  4. Solder mask that comes off during production due to poor PCB manufacturing processes
  5. Poor soldering due to improper storage conditions and packaging
  6. Providing individually routed PCBs instead of in a panel (panels are suitable for a production line)
  7. PCB panel layout is not suitable for production (e.g. Wrong size tooling strips on sides of panel, no fiducial marks, panel size unsuitable in relation to the PCB thickness, etc)

After careful consideration, we have decided to no longer allow customers to provide their own PCBs. However, if you have any specific requirements, please contact one of our account managers.

Our team in Hong Kong manages our suppliers by auditing their processes on a yearly basis and ensuring they are ISO9001 certified. To pass our quality standards, all suppliers need to be able to provide extensive test reports, which contain a micro section of the PCB and evidence that critical parameters such as copper thickness, hole sizes, used material, PCB thickness, etc. are being met. Having these processes in place helps to guarantee the quality of the PCB and plays a big role into having a functional end product.

Advantages of Precision supplying your PCBs:

  1. We perform all the necessary pre-production checks and panelise the PCBs to suit our production process. This is done to make the production process as efficient as possible
  2. We perform a Design for Manufacturing (DFM) analysis on your PCB design before production commences. This step highlights any errors or aspects that could be improved in the design. Boards can then be manufactured in an optimal way while increasing quality, reliability and in a cost-efficient way
  3. As we buy boards on a large scale, we are able to provide you with competitive pricing and lead times
  4. We have long term relationships (10+ years) with our suppliers who are managed and audited by our team in Hong Kong on an yearly basis. This allows us to resolve issues quickly and to take full responsibility for the complete assembly
  5. Since we deal with a variety of suppliers in our network, we are a one stop provider for all PCB requirements ranging from prototypes to mass production and various technologies.

If you have any specific questions or concerns in regards to supplying PCBs, please contact one of our account managers to discuss your requirements.

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