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How we box build at Precision

What is Box building?

Box building or Turnkey assembly, sometimes also called as ‘Systems Integration’ refers to the construction of a product that is ready for immediate use; i.e no further assembly is required. It involves the complete assembly of all the various components including the mechanical (Plastic/Metal enclosures), electrical (cable harnesses/ wiring looms) and electronic components (PCB Assemblies).

Box Build Process

The box building process is tailored to your specific needs and can vary depending on your products requirements and complexity. We have developed an infographic that highlights the generic process we undertake here at Precision.

Image of PCBs getting assembled with components
STEP 3: PCBs getting assembled with components

STEP 1: We supply custom enclosures of different sizes and grades of plastics & metals based on your specifications & design

STEP 2: We provide complex wiring looms as required for all types of box builds

STEP 3: We supply the PCBs as per your specs and assemble them with the components outlined in your BOM

STEP 4: We test the PCBAs as per your supplied test requirements & instructions

STEP 5: We install the supplied firmware provided (as per your programming instructions)

Image of final product turnkey assembly
Step 6: Final product assembly

STEP 6: We build the final product by assembling the completed PCBAs, cable harnesses & membranes into the enclosures

STEP 7: Once the build is complete, we test to ensure that the product performs as per your functional requirements

STEP 8: We attach any stickers and/or labels, if required

STEP 9: We package the final product

STEP 10: We ship to your company or directly to your end customer

Download and print our handy infographic, which shows our 10-step box building process. It also includes a checklist of files that are required to create a high-quality box build product. We’ll be happy to help you create some of the files/documents listed and setup any processes, if required.

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