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Quality Issues from Customer Supplied Components

At Precision, one of our key strengths is to provide full turnkey PCB assembly solutions to our customers. We do this by managing all processes that are required in manufacturing a complete product, which includes procurement of all components and PCBs, paste stencil(s) and anything else. We take care of the entire procurement process, which means customers don’t have to worry about placing orders, storing, upfront funding and shipment of components.

Over the past 20 years we have formed strategic partnerships with various reputable suppliers, and have built a strong market position due to the volumes we purchase. We have developed and set in place procedures that allow us to source high-quality components at a competitive price. By sourcing these components, we can always guarantee the quality and traceability of these parts.

Once we receive all the parts, PCBs and components are inspected and stored in our dedicated warehouse. We then catalogue all the components prior to the assembly process as this helps us avoid issues such as part shortages, incorrect components, etc. These checks guarantee a smooth assembly flow from start to finish.


There are instances when customers prefer to supply components to us for their projects. This might seem fine in most cases, however as every company follows their own procurement procedures, this can ultimately lead to issues and inefficiencies in the assembly process.

Some of the issues we have encountered with customer supplied components are:

  • Incorrectly stored parts, which might cause oxidization over time
  • Incorrect quantities
  • Exact quantities supplied for small components while not allowing for machine losses
  • Incorrect minimum length of cut tape
  • Incorrect component
  • Incomplete packing list or no packing list included
  • Packing lists without reference to the BOM
  • Counterfeit parts

All of the above can cause significant quality issues, which can take additional time to rectify resulting in delayed deliveries. As this additional time is not initially allocated for (during the quoting process), it can result in added cost to the customer.

To prevent these issues from interrupting the assembly process, we have introduced new guidelines to clearly outline what is expected from customers who wish to supply their own components.

Please ensure you have completed the checklist in the ‘Supplying Components to Precision Checklist’ to avoid extra cost and delivery delays.

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